The Wig – a short film

I read The Wig by Brady Udall years ago. It’s a short short story, only about 3/4 of a page, but it knocked me out. So much sadness in so few words. You can really feel it, but you can also really see it.

We decided to make a short film and enter it into the My RODE Reel film competition. It was my first shot at film-making, but it was a lot of fun.

You can watch it here. Let me know what you think. It’s also pretty easy to find the short story online if you look around.



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  1. Leslie says:

    I still have a lump in my throat. Fantastic job.


  2. femmeUNT says:

    So well done. I love how an old love of reading and writing, combined with a new love of screen-play writing and film making, are coming together to make our lives more creative.


  3. Patrick Harmon says:

    Incredibly written and acted! Wow! I’m thoroughly impressed! A lot of soul in a short film.


  4. Colette says:

    Beautiful and sad! Well done JC!! So talented in so many ways…


  5. joseph william stoltman says:

    Finally, a case where the film is better than the literature!


  6. joseph william stoltman says:

    Finally, a film better than its source literature!


  7. Laura Hayes says:

    That was awesome JC. I can’t believe that is your first effort. So talented. I can’t seem to find the story. Send me a link.


    1. JC says:

      I definitely had help. Two friends of mine, Jason Hall and Scott Carpenter, brought serious skills to the table. Not to mention the actors!


  8. Lau Desth says:

    So few words but so many things said. Thank you !


    1. JC says:

      I sure appreciate it. It certainly could be better, but we had a lot of fun making it. It was our first attempt at filmmaking.


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