Magyar Gumbo

I made red beans and rice in China awhile back using sausage from Harbin (northern China and cold), and it was delicious. I’m making Mississippi gumbo in Hungary right now, but I used sunflower oil to make the roux and Hungarian peppers instead of bell. The smoked sausage ain’t andouille, but it’s a little spicy. I’m listening to some Southern pickin’ and grinnin’ on the Bose Bluetooth. And drinking a little whiskey. The kids and wife don’t have the patience to wait up, but they’re not from Mississippi, after all, and turning in for the night. I’m thinking of watching some True Blood. Maybe I’ll listen to some more country. Ain’t no consequence contrary to whatever I choose. I wish I had some cornbread.



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  1. If you’re feeling that homesick come to Tallahatchie County for a visit. Bring the family.


    1. JC says:

      Just a hop, skip, and a long-ass flight.


  2. femmeUNT says:

    I’m here. I’m up! Roux has fingers and it pulled me back.


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