An Oktoberfest Rifle (part 2)

Walking down a dark, creaky hallway is often scarier than the monster behind the door at the end. My fear grew, wondering what was at the end of the hall I created, or in reality behind a door and on a balcony above. The lobby and bar slowly began to fill one or two guests…

An Oktoberfest Rifle (nonfiction, part 1)

I nearly ran into a guy as I stepped out of the elevator into the small parking garage beneath our hotel. He was carrying a rifle. We were in Vienna, Austria celebrating Oktoberfest. We chose the hotel because of its proximity to the event, and the balcony view. I needed the phone charger out of…

Magyar Gumbo

I made red beans and rice in China awhile back using sausage from Harbin (northern China and cold), and it was delicious. I’m making Mississippi gumbo in Hungary right now, but I used sunflower oil to make the roux and Hungarian peppers instead of bell. The smoked sausage ain’t andouille, but it’s a little spicy….


If apples are a symbol of forbidden knowledge, look what my neighbor picked for me off her tree! I look forward to what else I might learn here in Hungary.


Almost all I need . . .